2019-2020 ROSTER

  • Alyson Youngs

  • Alison Betz

  • Isabella Houser

  • Clay Kolden

  • Abbigail Zeisler

  • Arianna Hodges

  • Morgan Souza

  • Aiden Ermer

  • Anthony Everett

  • Rosie Houser


    • Hunter Baer - State Champ Entertain 2019; State Champ Persuade 2019

    • Sierra Lassila - State Champ Impromptu 2010

    • Will Robinson - State Champ Entertain 2009, 2007

    • Ryan Fliginger- State Champ Entertain 2004

    • Kayla Vandal- State Champ Storytelling 2000


    • Storytelling – 7 minutes in length, movement not restricted, do not need to follow script, may make the changes in the story but must keep the theme

    • Impromptu – 7 minutes to prepare and speak, Timing starts when cards are handed to the student, timer must announce times in 30 second increments while student prepares, when student speaks hand signals should be used for timing

    • Extemporaneous Programmed Reading – 7 minutes in length, judges should have been given piece to see, cannot change wording in the piece just cuts

    • Speech to inform – 8 minutes in length, must not be persuasive, must be students own work, should be timely, any number of note cards or the entire script may be used

    • Speech to persuade – 8 minutes in length, must be students own work, speech should try to convince you that their idea is correct, any note cards or script may be used

    • Extemporaneous Speaking – 7 minutes in length, any number of note cards may be used, chosen slip must be given to the judge before beginning speech, may not listen to speakers before contestant has spoken

    • Radio Broadcasting – 6 minutes total in length, 2:45-3:00- News Weather Sports, 2:45-3:00 Commentary, Wire copy should be given to judges prior to round, must not add to wire copy, commentary must be students own work

    • Speech to Entertain – 6 minutes in length, students own work, any number of note cards or entire script may be used, not just funny, but offers ideas while laced or couched in wit

    • Serious Prose/ Oral Poetry, Dramatic Oral, Humorous or serious– 8 minutes in length, Humorous – need only have humor, not necessarily rolling on the floor laughter, Serious – it may have humor in it, but is basically serious in nature.