Sports Co-op Addressed
Dr. K. here....

I feel compelled to address the things circulating regarding our previous co-op with Max along with what the future holds for our students. There have been a few articles in the newspaper regarding our past co-op with Max. I believe we have been misrepresented along with others, as the “bad guys”. Throughout every committee meeting we had with Max, committee members from Garrison stressed the importance on how a full co-op was to right thing to do for our students. To quote Gaylon from the Max board, he was in agreement for a full co-op because it is the right thing to do....until he left the meeting and is told otherwise. Our focus was always to do right by our kids and to actually engage in a meaningful partnership. Nevertheless, Max felt otherwise and the co-op is no more. Before the coop was completely dissolved, both Travis Eagan and Gaylon Scheresky met with schools from the North. On the contrary, we at least had the decency to see and wait for Max. I feel we were unjustly made out to be the “bully”, even though our focus was always to do right by our kids in both schools. Since we could not come to agreement, we agreed to dissolve mutually. Furthermore, Max actually submitted the documents to dissolve before I could even do so. 

Past history....a full coop was discussed 4 years ago and it nearly ended when Max held a forum. At this time students and parents were allowed to insult our student body freely among a crowd of people... yet, we were the one’s who still brought us back together. For Max to say they were surprised by the a full co-op is completely unfounded. It’s been on multiple agendas to only be met with continued resistance. Therefore, we are now looking ahead to the future for the betterment of our students. 

Next fall we will play football with Max because of the two year football planning cycle established by NDHSAA. I contested Max’s 6-man football plan because I was told by NDHSAA that a school has never been allowed to leave during an off year of the football plan. My sentiments were what was told to me by NDHSAA. I was adhering to their rules, which is why I recommended to our board for us to play with Max one more season. 

Our co-op committee did meet with Underwood and the meeting was made public. Unfortunately, our local news source was unable to attend. To summarize the went really well but Underwood does have some things they need work through. Both schools believed our weakness areas could be complimented by the other to ensure we could provide the best we can for our students, with the understanding we would be engaged in a partnership for both communities. 

Ultimately, should a co-op come to fruition both boards will have to agree to this. Time will tell and I will keep you posted.