News Flash

Dr. K. here…. Next week there will be an ad placed in the newspaper and I would like to provide some clarification...

Last night our board adopted a resolution declaring their intent to dedicate a portion of our building fund levy to bond repayment.  Meaning, we will be able to get a larger sum of dollars, approximately $2 million, to address concerns within our buildings.  This money cannot be spent on any salaries or benefits since it is coming from the building fund.  The money we receive will be scheduled for repayment from our building fund over the next twenty years; however, it is our intent to have it paid back in 10-12 years.  The yearly repayment for this will be about $120,000 and our building fund generates nearly $225,000 at this time.  Meaning, this will leave us approximately $100,000 per year to address any additional needs that may arise.  If no additional needs arise, we will be able to save these dollars for obligation bond repayments.  Ultimately, this will afford us the opportunity to address some larger items from the facilities assessment report from 2017. 

Our buildings and grounds committee met last night and prepared a list of priorities within both buildings and the final decision will be made by our school board at our next regularly scheduled meeting on March 23, 2020.  The priority items we have identified in no particular order of importance are: Network Upgrades, Walk-in Fridge/Freezer at the Elementary, Boiler in the Northern Portion of the Elementary, Lighting throughout both buildings, Main Distribution Panels in both buildings, Electrical Panels in both buildings (not all), exterior door replacement in both buildings (not all), outlets throughout both buildings, flooring throughout, drop ceilings in portions of both buildings, removal of tile ceilings in the HS gym, exterior tuckpointing and caulking.  I am also working on an energy savings grant, if approved, we will receive half of the cost of replacing the lights and boiler in the elementary back to the district.  This would be roughly $100,000.  Additionally, we will receive approximately half of what we spend on the network back through E-rate, which should be around $50,000+. 

**Please note this is not a bond referendum nor is it an attempt increase any district mill levies.  The only way the school district will receive additional tax dollars will be if taxable valuations increase through the county as all of our existing levies are at their limits.  Should you have any questions or need clarification, please contact me at 701-463-2818 or**